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July 2014

I’ve been too busy to post anything this month, due to work and whatnot, but things haven’t been all bad. First of all, the Tour De France came to my town! IMG_20140706_130303-MOTIONAs you can see this is part of the caravan. I didn’t take any snaps of the riders because I was too busy going “OMG PROS!” and pointing out Andre Greipel (I think all the other recognisable riders were on the other side of the road or going too fast). We decided to watch the race go past on the hilariously-named “Cote De Greetland” which was busy but not insanely packed like Holme Moss. It was an amazing experience, not least because we got to ride our bikes on closed roads over what is normally a three-lane deathtrap of a roundabout. There were massive crowds, many of whom loudly cheered on our slightly surprised six-year old boy, who just happened to be riding his bike along the stage two route of Le Tour in a yellow t-shirt. Pleasing.IMG_20140706_143510I have also been riding bikes on my own account, rather less excitingly. It would be rude not to, frankly, as the weather has been insanely beautiful most of the month, and the local trails are dusty and fast (if a little overgrown in places, but then you can’t have everything your own way). My Canyon now seems to be running smoothly, which is good because I’m supposed to be riding the thing in a sort of Enduro-Sportive event next weekend. Here is is reclining alongside a good, no-nonsense, spade-is-a-spade Yorkshire street name sign, midway round what was a rather splendid ride.IMG_20140712_074530