Monthly Archives: September 2017

Three Peaks Cyclocross Marshalling

I spent several pleasant hours last Sunday standing around on top of Whernside whilst 600 or so hardy individuals passed through our official checkpoint for the 55th Three Peaks Cyclo-cross, which I was helping to marshal. I actually had very little to do as the technical race-monitoring stuff was handled by members of the Bowland MRT, so I mostly just snapped pictures, admired the views, and occasionally prevented oblivious ramblers meandering right through the crowds of frantic racers attempting to check in amongst the tangled wires and boxes of dibber electronics.

Marshalling the race gets you a guaranteed spot in next year’s event, and I think I’ll probably have a crack at it. I’ll need to do a bit more riding in the run up than I have recently though, I’ve not touched a bike since July, hence the lack of updates hereabouts. The summer holidays, work, and family concerns have totally wiped out any free time, although things seem to be settling down a little again so hopefully I will get some miles in somewhere interesting soon. In the meantime, here’s a few more snaps from Sunday.