Snowdon & Penmachno

A Cotic Soul, Yesterday
A Cotic Soul, yesterday

Andy, Ben, Bob, Gareth, Mark, Rick and I rode up and down Snowdon yesterday morning via the Llanberis path. The weather was spectacular, blue skies, almost no wind, I’ve never seen the Welsh mountains looking so friendly. The few small patches of snow and ice were no problem, and most of the hundreds of walkers who started to appear towards the end of the descent were friendly and happy to let us past.


After a six-thirty start to avoid the crowds as far as possible the ascent took nearly three hours, we were definitely taking it easy and admiring the views. The Isle Of Man was just about visible on the horizon. That bit above Clogwyn station hadn’t got any easier.


We decided to stick to the Llanberis path for the descent rather than doing the Ranger again because we were bringing a few relatively less confident riders (one of whom,¬†realistically, was me – having properly smashed myself up off-road twice in the past six months I determined to take it very easy). I was very happy to get up and down a full-grown mountain without any incident. The Llanberis descent is less challenging than the alternatives, but still has a few sections that can make you think, especially when it’s been freeze-thawed to bits by an extended winter’s worth of ice and snow and rain.


Half an hour or so after leaving the summit we were down, and soon ordering breakfast in Pete’s Eats, the first part of our big day out completed. After refuelling we set off for Penmachno, did a leisurely circuit of loop one. Mostly dry, possibly even dusty in places, the trails were lovely. I’ve not been on a mountain bike in conditions like that for at least a year. We headed off home thoroughly knackered, very happy.


More days like this, please.