Took the new Soul out this morning to investigate some possible new-to-me tracks over towards Denshaw, little scrappy rights of way and back-lanes that I’ve never bothered to incorporate into my rides for one reason or another. This one was quite unpleasant going up, but looks like it could be smashing fun to rattle down, I’ll have to try it the other way round next time. This one was a boring flat farm track. This one is one of those bridleways-from-hell that’s covered in bits of rotting farm machinery and cow shit, rutted to death by tractors and has about five gates every hundred metres, none of which open or close properly. But one out of three is a fairly good hit rate for these expeditions, usually you try four or five new paths and spend an hour hacking through brambles and swamps without finding anything worth riding at all, and the rest of the ride was lovely.