2018 was a good year! (Obviously I’m talking about riding bicycles here, not other less important stuff like, well, pretty much everything else.) I got off to a fairly low key start with a couple of fun snow rides, but things picked up nicely in spring and early summer with sunny adventures and races on amazing dusty, dry trails. The school holidays were the usual blighted hellscape, but I was able to get back into things in September for the highlight of the year for me, my first 3 Peaks CX, and carried the trying-new-things momentum on through October and November with some visits to the velodrome. December has been a bit of a washout due to family commitments but I still feel like I got a good solid set of rides in overall. I have a few exciting plans for 2019, so all being well I should be able to keep on rolling. Here’s to the next twelve months worth of two-wheeled fun: happy new year!