Cheeky Sunday


Rick and I went for a couple of easy, early hours out on the mountain bikes on Sunday morning instead of the usual road ride, because some of the other Sunday roadies were laid up with man flu, or some other symptom of a general lack of backbone and grit. The weather was dry, but the ground wasn’t and we came home fairly well covered with mud, although the ride was very enjoyable overall.  We did a little exploration and found a couple of interesting new cheeky trails; unfortunately, upon emerging from the empty, bleak moorland that the second one ran across we were asked “Do you know that’s a footpath?” by a farmer in a pick-up. Obviously we plead ignorance and apologised (this despite the fact that the path was steep and slippy so we’d walked all the way up, and clearly no cycling whatsoever was being done by anyone right then). We’ll be back when there’s no-one around, that footpath looked like serious fun in the other direction. Bollocks to our stupid, mediaeval access laws, and bollocks to stupid, mardy farmers.