Drawing In

IMG_20130814_211053Night is coming earlier and earlier. I finished today’s ride in complete darkness, whereas it would have been lovely and light at the same time a few weeks ago. It was wet and windy too, and the bike needed a good hose down to shift the mud when I got back home. Last month’s dust is a memory. It was still nice and warm though, and the trails are only really showing a little gloop here and there, we have a reassuringly long way to go before we’re wading the deep, grim, bike-killing slime and sludge of Yorkshire’s winter again.

This was one of those rides that I obviously needed to do for mental health reasons. I was moping about the house looking at the rain, stewing about nothing much of any importance and getting grumpier and grumpier. I was this close to opening a beer and throwing the evening away making myself properly angry looking at rubbish on the internet, but I  dragged the bike out of the garage instead, threw it at the nearest hill as hard as I could, and now I feel much more sane.