Shakedown Ride

Rear Bounce

The newly rebuilt Canyon came out for a shakedown ride tonight. New bearings, cables and whatnot, freshly serviced forks and shock, new brakes. It worked pretty well, mostly; had to tighten up the headset, the front mech still doesn’t shift properly (old problem), and the saddle has developed a really annoying creak, but otherwise it ran very nicely indeed.  It was my first time out on full suspension for a good nine months, and honestly the only reason I dusted the Canyon off is that my trusty Soul has had its forks removed and packed off to LoCo for servicing. I’m still not convinced I want to keep it, but I’ll give it a few more rides to see if I change my mind.

This evening was also my first proper trip out on two wheels for as many weeks, which is frankly pathetic. The ugly end of the school holidays has done a real number on my riding. But I have plans for this weekend, oh yes. Big plans.