Rushup Edge

Trashed, at a cost of £70,000.

Derbyshire County Council have started to destroy the sunken road on Rushup Edge. This is a real shame, for reasons that will be blindingly obvious to anyone who is familiar with the path in question and who isn’t a complete, gibbering imbecile. This is only the latest in a whole programme of systematic vandalism in the Peak District by DCC, but it appears to have been something of a final straw for the mountain bike community in the area, as we are now seeing a concerted fightback on this issue. Peak District MTB organised a protest on Monday this week, and I popped along to add my voice to the general chorus of disapproval (along with sending out numerous irate emails to various council drones, naturally). There is coverage in the MTB press and also encouraging noises being made outside the two-wheeled community; apparently horse riders and walkers are not entirely convinced that dumping tonnes of imported rubble on an ancient track is the best use of public resources. It remains to be seen whether anything positive will come of all this, but you have to try…

Grumpy mountain bikers.
Angry mountain bikers. Grr.