Snowy Snowdon

13007328_1020252458020629_1217564454421201429_nYesterday morning I rode and pushed and carried my bike up and down Snowdon for the first time in three years. There was snow down to about 400m following some showers the night before, so there was even more pushing and carrying than usual, but it wasn’t so deep that it caused any serious problems. The usual crowds of walkers were even more prone to commenting on our insanity than usual, although everyone was friendly and happy to chat.13043526_1020252468020628_8337291159101597113_n We reached the summit in a little over two hours, and headed back down the Ranger path into a biting wind as the clouds closed in. The snow cover made riding the path difficult at first, and we picked our way down to the switchbacks along the edge of the worn track until about 600m, where the really rough section starts and the snow thinned out. I rode a fair bit of this, but the Mordor rocks defeated me again. The remaining blast down Telegraph valley was fast and fun and we avoided any punctures this time, allowing us to roll into Pete’s Eats for 11am and a large fry up.

I took lots of photos on the way up and down the mountain, the scenery was spectacular in the snow, and we had a fair dose of sunshine and clear views. Unfortunately the stupid Sony camera app on my stupid Sony phone appears to have a bug whereby it will take a photo, show it to you, and then totally fail to save it anywhere. Thanks, Sony. The pics up there were taken by my mate Andy.